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Visual Arts Facilities

The Visual Arts Department is in housed in the Communication/Technology building, dedicated in 1989. The Art Department currently maintains:

Macintosh Computer and Design Lab

The art department has several rooms dedicated to studio art and graphic design. The computer graphics lab features 21 individual workstations with 24 inch iMacs, 3 high-quality scanners, 2 large format printers, and a Macintosh Server that is dedicated to the art and photography department. The computers are installed with the latest Adobe CS software, providing students with the technology and programs currently used in the design field.
Photography Studio
Photography Studio
The equipment in the photography facility is state of the art for both traditional and digital photography. The Communication Building houses the photography department with two darkrooms, film development room, portrait / advertising studio and three Macintosh computer labs. The facilities include black & white and color enlarging stations, studio lighting units, color film and print processors, 4x5 view cameras, Epson 4800 digital printers, film scanners as well as SLR digital cameras.

The goal of the department is for the student to gain knowledge in both aesthetic and technical skills. The student will obtain skills for an entry level position in the work force or may transfer to continue their education.
Drawing, Painting, and 2-D Studio
The drawing studio serves as an all purpose room for design, drawing, painting and independent work. It is furnished with 20 individual tables, easels, and additional table space for canvas preparation, framing and matting of artwork. The studio also features a computer room with 4 Macintosh computers for research and general use when the main lab might not be available.
Ceramics and 3-D Studio
The Ceramic Studio is equiped with 12 potters wheels, slab roller, extruder, clay mixer, pug mill, and 2 kilns. Students will be introduced to electric and gas fining techniques. Porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware clays are employed in the studio to give students a comprehensive understanding of hand building, press mold, and wheel forming techniques. A large selection of glazes are available for students as well as raw ceramic materials for experimental glaze formulation.
Yost Art Gallery