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HCC Visual Arts Scholarships


The HCC Art department is dedicated to helping talented students gain a solid foundation in the areas of fine art and commercial design. We currently award scholarshipsequivalent to tuition and book rental to full time students interested in pursing a career in art or design. Scholarship recipients are required to be enrolled in at least two studio art class each semester, assist with HCC Art Day, submit work and assist in the set-up of the annual HCC Student Honors Art Show, maintain a 3.0 GPA in art courses, and maintain a 2.0 GPA overall each semester. Students interested in applying for an art scholarship should contact Matt Leahy, Art and Design Instructor, 785-442-6086, mleahy@highlandcc.edu or Sam Perkins, Art and Computer Graphics Instructor, 785-442-6066, sperkins@highlandcc.edu.


The photography department is seeking individuals interested in obtaining coursework with the intention of pursuing a professional career in the field of photography. The department offers the Associate of Applied Science degree in Commercial Photography and the Associate of Arts in Studio Photography. Departmental scholarships worth $1000 per semester are available and are awarded upon reviewing of a photography portfolio. Scholarship recipients are required to take 4 credit hours of photography coursework per semester and maintain a minimum 3.0 (B) GPA in the core photography classes and a 2.0 overall GPA each semester. For more information concerning the photography curriculum and criteria for a departmental scholarship, please contact Glen Gross, Photography Instructor, 785-442-6087 or ggross@highlandcc.edu.

• High School GPA of 2.5 or greater.
• Portfolio review.

Requirements of scholaship recipients:

1. The student must be enrolled in at least two studio art, design, or photography courses (4-6 credit hours) each semester.
2. Assist in setting up for the Highland Community College “Art Day" in April.
3. Submit work for and assist the Gallery Director in the set-up and display of the “H.C.C Student
Honors Art Show.”
4. The Visual Art Department will retain the right to select one piece of artwork completed during
each semester. This selection will become part of the permanent collection of the H.C.C.
Viisual Arts Department.
5. Maintain a “B” average in all courses taken within the Art, Design, or Photography curriculum,
as well as an overall college 2.0 GPA.

Awards and Scholarships are automatically renewable each semester if students meet the award and scholarshop requirements.