Competitions and Events


Art Day Events and Competitions

Art Competition

The Art Competition is the is the crowning event for Art Day. Each High School can bring up to 30 works of art to be displayed and judged. Art Day judges will view several hundred works of art and present Best of Show, Artistic Excellence, and Honorable Mention awards to selected works. The competition offers students the opportunity to publicly display their art and to view the work of their fellow students. The show is a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas for students and educators alike.

Art History

The art history competition is designed to test knowledge in the historical aspects of art from the Renaissance through Modern Art periods. Encourage your students to brush up on art history and enter this event. Each school is limited to ONE team of up to four (4) students.Teachers are more than welcome to take the test, and compete as individuals.

Room MS-1(in the CT Building)


Team Clay

Each high school can enter one team of students for this event. The specifics of this event will be revealed on the day of the contest. This contest is designed to challenge the students abilities to work as a team as well as their understanding of the nature of clay, and the principles of physics. Please note that the location of this event may change- in the past it has been in the field house but that is unlikely his year. You will be notified of the final location at the registration desk. Each school is limited to ONE team of students. Location: Greenspace north of CT Building.


Wheel Throwing Competition

This traditional and eagerly attended event is designed to test throwing ability. Students will be allowed TWO pounds of clay and TWO minutes in which to throw a specified form. One attempt per half hour! Specific dimesions and judging criteria will be revealed during the event. The studio will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to anyone who would like to participate. The art department will supply the necessary tools and materials. Visit the studio sometime during the day and give it a try or just cheer on your classmates. Location: Ceramics studio.

Wheel Throwing - Teachers

Art Instructors are invited to the Five Throw competition at 1:15 pm to dethrone last years ruler of the wheel. Stop in and give it a spin.


Basic Lighting Techniques

Explore using a studio strobe lighting unit under the supervision of an experienced college student photography major. You will have a chance to use either hard or soft lighting techniques in creating different moods for portraits. Recommended that two individuals do this workshop together.
Location: Classroom CT-113

Photogenic Drawings

Explore the basic principles from the origins of photography.  Students will be working with simplistic objects, light and chemicals to create an interesting design.  Let the hand of creator of this process, William Henry Fox Talbot, be the inspiration for your artworks. Experience the magic of silver printing and take home a finished 8x10 creation of your own.
Location: Photography Studio CT-122

Sidewalk Chalk

Each school will have the opportunity to create an art history inspired sidewalk chalk drawing with a 'modern thematic twist. Drawings must be complete by 1:00 pm when judging begins.


This event is designed to test the student’s personal expression and life drawing skills. Students will be supplied with paper, media, and a mirror. Participants will be allowed one hour to complete their portrait, working from direct observation. Location: CT 130 Drawing Room.

Button Making

Students create unique Art Day Buttons in this walk-in activity. Location: CT 113 Classroom.

Hand Lettering

Sheridan Van Sickle will be presenting Hand Lettering techniques. Location: CT 117 Classroom.
Times TBA.

Mini Clay

Bigger is not always better, try your hand at a mini masterpiece. CT Building Hallway.