Visual Arts Scholarships

The HCC Art, Design, and Photography department is seeking scholarship applicants for the upcoming year. Students interested in applying for an art scholarship should contact the Department of Art or the Highland Community College Office of Admissions to schedule a portfolio review. The priority deadline for applying for an art scholarship is April 1, although we will accept applications until May 1.

Art, Design, and Photography Scholarship Requirements for high school students:

1 Students must have at least a 2.5 High School GPA
2 Students must meet all the criteria necessary for Kansas residency.
3 Students need to present a portfolio consisting of 8-15 of their strongest pieces. Portfolios can consist of actual works of art presented in person, photographs, slides, or digital images on a CD or website.

Potential students should contact a member of the HCC Visual Arts Department if interested in applying.

Sam Perkins, BFA
Art and Design Instructor